Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

That very nice chap, the esteemed Mr David Manley Esq., has been kind enough to nominate this humble blog for the much sought after Stylish Blogger Award.


So, in accordance with the protocol (see the bottom of the page) I will now say:

1. A big thankyou to Mr David Manley, naval rules writer of no small measure and a jolly good chap.

2.  A little bit about myself:

a) I was born on an English Civil War battlefield, although not in 1643.

b) I have a completely useless degree and a masters degree in something even less useful.

c) I am an expert in medieval lime kilns and lime burning, although I can't remember much about it.

d) I have jumped out of an aircraft at 3000 feet (once)

e) I have sea kayaked to the Isle of Wight and back again.

f) I was voted Funniest Teacher in 2007 by my Year 11 students (is that good or bad?)

g) My wife is French ( which is a bad thing)

3. Check out these excellent blogs:

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Almost ten but nine will do!


The Rules

1. Link back to the nominator and say thanks.
2. List 7 things about yourself
3. Suggest 10-15 blogs of worth for the award.
4. Inform the bloggers in 3. above that they've been nominated.

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