Wednesday, 29 June 2011

AK47 Battle Of Wanayani Bridge

I got well and truly thrashed in the AK47 game yesterday, with a victory point total of 62 to Jon's victory point total of 102, a whopping shortfall of 40 points and an overwhelming walkover for the Zumatan Dictatorship. This is the first defeat that my colonial settlers have had to suffer, having won or at least drawn in the half a dozen battles that we've fought between Nbuto and Zumata-Lumata. At least they went out in style!

Turn 1

I was lucky to deploy three units on table at the start of the game compared to Jon's two. My professional infantry were dug in at the border post and surrounding hills, also occupying one of the objective markers. The regular armoured cars positioned in mid table as a fighting reserve and my helicopter gunship hovered overhead.

Jon drove his regular Centurion tank unit onto the left hand edge of the table and backed it up with a unit of regular A/T missile (old gun) equipped ferret scout cars. This oversight on the part of the FART commander meant that my professionals were immediately outflanked and facing serious armoured opposition.

In the ensuing firefight, the professionals knocked out one of the Centurions with a well aimed RCL shot but lost both the RCL and a S/A base in a hail of co-axial fire from the other tank. In a desperate attempt to stem the armoured spearhead, the professional FAC then called in the helo gunship for a gunrun on the tanks.

However, one of the Zumatan armoured cars launched a Vigilant A/T missile at maximum elevation which narrowly missed the chopper but forced the incredulous pilot to take evasive action. In effect, this meant the gunship flew off the table and over the horizon, so played no further part in the game.

On the other hand, I did roll a double four for the professionals so won the chance to deploy an air strike in a later turn. I was thinking that this would make up for the loss of my air assets and cause problems for the Zumatans who had no air support at all. How wrong could I be?

Turn 2

In the second turn the Zumatan armoured spearhead came to a grinding halt as the armoured cars and tanks traded shots with the FART armoured cars in mid table. One of the FART armoured cars was hit by an A/T missile and brewed up in an impressive cloud of smoke and flames. However, the morale of the remaining armoured car crew held, as did the morale of the buttoned up Zumatan tank commander as armour piercing shells whizzed past his turret.

Turn 3

In the third turn things went from bad to worse for the FART defenders. The Zumatan armoured cars knocked out the second FART armoured car with another salvo of A/T missiles, leaving a scene of blazing wreckage in the centre of the battlefield. To add insult to injury, they also gained a +2 bonus for the following turn due to some fortuitous dice rolling.

In retaliation, the professional unit dug in at the border post called down air support in the form of a ground strafe by a Mustang Cavalier COIN fighter bomber. The pilot swooped down at ultra low level in a gun run on the Zumatan armoured cars, unleashing a fusilade of salvo rockets, machine gun and cannon fire.

Which all completely missed.

As a result, the elan of the onlooking professionals took a bit of a nose dive and they lost a point in the nominated morale test. This was not good, so they put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.

Turn 4

After all that lead flying all over the place, the fourth turn was very, very quiet. A wierd silence descended over the battlefield, punctuated only by the sound of the Nbuto forces having a brew up and the Zumatans a quick puff on the wacky backy. However, the sound of revving jeep engines could be distinctly heard in the distance, as a convoy of elite commandos rushed to the rescue of the FART unit cut off at the border post.

Turn 5

In the fifth turn the jeeps arrived from the far right had edge of the table and raced up the road to the junction at the table centre. The Zumatan tank lobbed a couple of shells in their general direction but missed, probably due to the high speed of the jeeps as they raced to relieve the FART garrison.

The remaining Zumatan armoured car continued to be highly effective but switched it's fire to the dug in professionals, resulting in a pin for the remaining RCL. By this time, Zumatan reinforcements were on their way, with things looking pretty sticky for the FART professionals as they held on to the border post under heavy fire from the enfilading Zumatan armour.

Turn 6

In the sixth turn a column of Saracen APC's with regular troops drove onto the battlefield and assaulted the river crossing adjacent to the border post. These Zumatan regulars were supported by the cannon fire of the last remaining Centurion, which knocked out the last RCL of the FART unit.

This was despite being fired upon by the rapidly closing jeep commando convoy which suceeded in pinning the tank for the next turn. However, in the confusion a lucky A/T missile shot by the plucky Zumatan armoured car smashed into the last of the jeeps and blew it to smithereens.

Turn 7

In the seventh turn the battle started to slide out of control for the Nbuto defenders. The Zumatans piled additonal units into the assault, including an attack force of the Zumatan Naval Brigade in trucks, whilst the last FART unit of S/A equipped regular infantry arrived on the right hand side of the battlefield.

This lightly armed relief force could not prevent the enemy attack on the border post from the Zumatan APC's and armour, which was held off only with the help of the jeep commandos and some dominating small arms fire by the professional defenders. This halted the advance of the APC's over the bridge but at a heavy cost in casualties and morale.

Turn 8

In the eighth turn the overwhelming firepower of the Zumatans began to make defeat for the defenders a foregone conclusion. The Naval Brigade trucks were rapidly approaching from behind the lines whilst the APC's unbussed their regular troops into the bridgehead.

In the face of this pincer attack the jeep commado unit began to pull back but lost a second vehicle to crossfire from the Zumatan Centurion. As a result, the hard pressed FART professionals finally broke and ran, leaving the border in Zumatan hands.

Turn 9

The Zumatan armoured car was finally blown up by the last of the FART jeeps before it sped off into the distance, having failed it's morale test. The Zumatan tank also had enough and reversed away from the frontline positions in a cloud of dust and smoke. The Zumatans then launched their final reserves onto the table to overwhelm what was left of the FART defences.

With an amphibious unit of the Zumatan Marines grinding it's way across the river, the APC's of the Zumatan army swarming over the bridge and the trucks of the Zumatan Naval Brigade arriving from behind the lines, the battle of Wanayani Bridge was a well deserved Zumatan victory and a rare but total defeat for Nbuto.


1. Too many small arms on the Nbuto side and not enough armour.
2. The helicopter gunship was a big loss and could have swung things my way.
3. The jeeps were much less effective than usual and let the side down.
4. I want some Ferrets with missiles!
5. I need to retire the FART as they've become a bit stale and the same old tactics don't seem to work.
6. A very enjoyable game (even if I got a right kicking!)

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  1. Thank you for posting an excellent game report, it looked to be fun.



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