Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sail and Steam Navies

This set of rules has had some excellent reviews and is available as a bundle with several sets of colour 'print and play' ship counters on Wargame Vault. It's not cheap but does give you everything you could possibly want for ACW naval and riverine games in one package. I decided to get the bundle as a result, although it wipes out any other major acquisitions this month.

The ship counters are really well done but I think the ship record sheets are even more impressive, as they are full colour and very well designed. This is a good excuse to get some ACW naval warfare underway in the near future, which is something I've meant to do for years. I have a box of Peter Pig and Thoroughbred 1/600 scale ship kits somewhere too, so this is a good opportunity to make use of them!


  1. That is a great record sheet - very clear and visually appealing; got rid of my Peter Pig ships several years ago now :(

  2. I have a collection of ships in a box from an impulse purchase situation at a show! I really should make use of them, as you only need two for a game?