Sunday, 21 September 2014

Narrow Seas [15]

I spent four hours of my life on a lesson powerpoint presentation today, which I won't be getting back in a hurry. Needless to say, the wargaming side of things was relegated to half an hour this afternoon, during which I finished the coastal warfare gunboats, ready for basing up. I cut out the fine lining in the end due to lack of time, so they're a bit bland and lacking in definition, but I'm not too unhappy with the end result nonetheless. The proof will be in the basing, however, which I'll get sorted tomorrow night.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pirate Brigantine [1]

I've promised to scratchbuilt another pirate ship for the club participation game at Warfare, as I mentioned before, so thought I better get started. We've been out most of the day helping to paint the local Scout hut after a re-build, so only get in at four o'clock. Nevertheless, I've made a bit of progress in the last couple of hours, with the basic hull framework now assembled from my stash of cheapo balsa. 

I had to adapt my initial plans as I didn't have any 4mm balsa sheet but I think it'll still work. The model is very loosely based on the Gary Chalk plans but will probably look a bit different, as I will do my own thing from this point onwards. It's a bit smaller than I would have liked but it still appears to be reasonably in scale. I'll try to get the hull sides, stern and prow sorted out tomorrow, although I have work to shift first.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Talk like a Pirate Day!

Sailor to pirate “‘ow did you get your peg leg?”

Pirate “It got blasted off by a cannon ball!”

Sailor ”And yer hook?”

Pirate “It got got chopped off by a cutlass in a fearsome fight!”

Sailor “And your eye patch?”

Pirate “Seagull poo.”

Sailor “Seagull poo? That wouldn’t cause you to lose an eye?”

Pirate “No, it didn’t, but I’d just had me hook done!”

Arrgggh matey.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Aaaargh...Pirate Ship ahoy!

The club participation game for Warfare is now in the developmental stage and I've promised to scratchbuild a second pirate ship for the as yet 'top secret' pirate v. dinosaurs scenario. I was hoping to get something underway over the holidays but, as the French don't seem to have discovered 4mm balsa sheet or mounting card, I didn't get very far. Now, however, I can make use of my stash of scratchbuilding stuff including all the balsa, card and strip wood that I could possibly want along with some groovy plans by Gary Chalk in the Foundry Compendium. Arrrgh indeed!

Peter Pig Late War Germans

I got an email from Peter Pig the other day offering me a 15% discount on any order over £40, which was very nice of them. As we're counting the pennies at the moment due to needing a new car, I assumed that I'd have to let this offer pass me by. However, the lady wife has very kindly allowed me to order some stuff, so I thought I'd get a selection of the late war German Unit Packs for use with either IABSM or Chain of Command.
These are the figures in Zeltbahn, Greatcoats and Volksgrenadier kit, which are perfect for winter time in Holland, which is what I'd been planning to do rather than Normandy. I'm also thinking of selling off some of my 28mm leadpile including some boxes of Victrix Napoleonics and Artizan / Crusader WW2 Germans and French, to make way for the 15mm alternative. I really need to do a serious clear out of stuff that I'll never get round to, so this is a good place to start.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

AK47 Revival

It's been a bit quiet on the gaming front recently due to the holidays and the return to work, so I thought I'd get a game set up for the end of the month at the club, with AK47 as the obvious choice. This will be a low key affair rather than the usual multiplayer scrummage, so I'm hoping to actually take part rather than just umpire.

If I can find the time, I'll get the bases done on the Superpower Backed army and get them ready for a full scale pre-emptive strike on the Bana Soto axis of evil. I have a lot on at the moment but I'm hoping to get back to some actual wargaiming as soon as the dust settles, so this is a good incentive to crack on!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Valhalla Warband Builder Thingy

I had a boring meeting this afternoon, which meant that I didn't get home until later than usual so everything got shifted a couple of hours to the left, if that makes any sense? I did grab half an hour this evening in which to do a very amateurish photo shoot on the 28mm Normans, so that I could try out the Valhalla warband builder thingy on the website. Needless to say, I approached this with some trepidation but.... was really quite straightforward and I now have the nucleus of a half decent Norman raiding party loaded up, complete with dodgy photos, the all important game stats and some suitably silly names. I haven't printed off the record cards yet, as the printer has run out of ink, but will do so as soon as possible. I'm impressed by the very intuitive uploading system, so will have a go at adding some more foot figures tomorrow, if I can find the time?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Narrow Seas [14]

I spent most of the weekend on an infernal combination of schoolwork and searching for a new car, so the coastal warfare painting plans were shoved to one side. However, I've now done the camouflage patterns on the MGB's and the SGB, ready for a wash in GW Nuln Oil, leaving the trawlers to be tackled on their own, as they deserve a bit of attention to detail.

The rather crude camouflage and the deck colour on the SGB / MGB's is a bit of guesswork but is based on some profiles in the Osprey British Motor Gun Boat 1939-45 book, so can't be that far off the mark. I'll do the detailing bit after the ink wash, which should make them look a little less rough and ready. Anyway, it's always a bit 'ho hum' at the stage in the proceedings, so I'm not feeling too worried about the end result...?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Well Weathered Westland

There's a really good article on the Westland Whirlwind in Scale Aircraft Modelling this month, including a selection of scale colour profiles and plans. It's a bit light on the operational side of things but great as a guide for painting. It's aimed at scale modelling but equally useful for wargaming purposes, as I've found in the past when painting up 1/285th scale aircraft for Bag the Hun.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Narrow Seas [13]

A very busy day, with much if it spent trying to sort out a new car, but I have done the basic first stages on the MGB flotilla, with the trawlers thrown in for good measure. This involved a two stage wetbrush in Foundry Arctic Grey Shade and Arctic Grey, with the trawlers in a 50:50 mix of Arctic Grey and Vallejo Uniform Grey, not that it's particularly impressive thus far.
I'm hoping to get the next stage done tomorrow, which involves adding some camouflage patterns to the MGB's, along with picking out details like the carley floats, gun barrels, depth charges and so on. The trawlers will need a bit more attention including some judicious weathering but the aim is to get everything washed in GW Nuln Oil by this time tomorrow, ready for the fine lining.
You'll notice that there are no masts on the MGB's, HDML's or the SGB yet. This is deliberate and designed to avoid them getting all bent and wonky while I paint them up. I've also left them un-based as I'll be sorting that out once they're painted, the mdf having arrived from the ever reliable Tony at ERM this morning.
There's a very neat recipe for basing here, which I think I may well adopt for the coastal warfare project, in preference to my previous Mediterranean paint recipe as used on the 1/3000 scale WW2 French fleet. I like the slate grey tones with a hint of North Sea green blue, so will have to experiment with the shades that he uses to get the mix just right: