Friday, 23 September 2016

Back of Beyond Bolsheviks

I have a long awaited and very overdue game of Contemptible Little Armies in the Back of Beyond at the club after the weekend, so I thought I'd dig out the old Bolshevik army, dust it off and take it along. I haven't used this army, the Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade under Military Specialist, Comrade Commander Igor Tubugerov, for ages so it will good fun to get it out of the box once again. The figures may need a bit of a brush up and I may even add some grass tufts to tart up their rather basic bases, if I get the time.

They will be up against Colin's new White Army, with 850 points a side, so it should be a fairly big game. We're also using the Third Edition of Contemptible Little Armies which I haven't played before, although the only significant difference is in the procedure for shooting, which makes use of the Tactical Factor of the target unit. Anyway, I now have to work out the composition of the Shock Brigade, in an attempt to counter the ominous White cavalry threat. Now, where did I put those heavy machine guns...?

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