Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Armed Forces of Iskanderan

A brief overview of my plans for the ToE of the Iskanderanian Army and Air Force, both supplied and equipped by the United States under the Military Aid Program (MAP), over on the 3mm imagi-nations Turkmenistania campaign blog:

(and yes, that is actually Lee Van Cleef with a 3.5'' rocket launcher!)


  1. If he'd had that on the set of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly things would certainly have turned out differently!

  2. Cool stuff! But M-47s and M-41s vs Conquerors and T-55s might get a bit rough. Definitely going to need that air support!


  3. Yes, this is a worry but I just really like the post-war US kit and I can re-use it for the Info-Pak 1965 war too. In the longer term, I'll be upgrading to AMX 30's and AMX 13's (possibly)