Thursday, 29 September 2016

Back of Beyond Club Campaign Four

I've been thinking about the Back of Beyond campaign that I promised to set up this year and have decided to kick it off later in the Autumn. The game this week confirmed the use of the Second Edition of Contemptible Little Armies as the rules of choice with the addition of a few house rules for things like moving and shooting, unarmoured machine gun carriers and so on.

I've also decided to use my Bolshevik Army, the Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade, rather than my Texan Oil Prospector expedition. This will get a few extra bits including a light machine gunner and standard bearer for my Cheka, a Medium C tank and possibly a Tchanka, although I may go completely nuts and build another armoured train!

I'm really looking forward to this campaign and hope to get it rolling sometime in next couple of months. There's a post about the Back of Beyond campaigns over on the club webpage, so you can take a look and, if you're around, perhaps even sign up and join in: