Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Beyond the Limits

I was lucky enough to get hold of a free ticket to a talk by Sir Ranulph Fiennes this evening, thanks to the lady wife who thought I'd be interested. This was a really fascinating presentation based on the content of his latest book, Beyond the Limits, of which I now have a signed copy. I've read most of his other autobiographical and historical titles, so this is a welcome addition to the bookshelves. He spoke at some length about his time in Oman, which was very interesting and full of the sort of details that would add a lot to a skirmish scenario or two. In fact, it got me thinking again about post-colonial skirmishes in 15mm, using Fivecore No End in Sight or Company Command but I will resist as it is well beyond the limits of my current wargaming plans!


  1. You lucky beggar! Well done Mrs Jim

  2. There is something about a man who has had enough life to warrant several autobiographies. I can only agree:"You lucky beggar! Well done Mrs Jim!