Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bag the Hun Game: Deadly Pairs

The sprog wanted to have a go at Bag the Hun today, so I set up a basic game based on the Deadly Pairs scenario from the Christmas 2011 TFL Special. I substituted a pair of Spitfire XIV's instead of P47D's and left out using bogeys to keep it simple. The scenario was a basic dogfight to the finish, with the objective of shooting down the enemy, so nothing too complicated.

The game kicked off with both the RAF and Luftwaffe approaching head on.  At this point, the Luftwaffe leader opened fire at extreme range but to no effect. This was followed by a couple of turns of trying to get on the tail, with both sides twisting and turning in tight circles. It looked like this would carry on for a while, as neither side could pull off the decisive move.

In about turn four the RAF wingman failed a 'staying in formation' test after a successful Immelmann by the RAF section leader, leaving him isolated and in the sights of the Luftwaffe fighters. They then skilfully manoeuvred into a rear deflection position at point blank range, rolling an impressive number of 5's and 6' to hit plus an adjusted 10 on the critical damage dice.

In response, the RAF pilot only managed a couple of saving rolls before blowing up in a flash. Kaboom! It was a lucky day for the Luftwaffe,as they then managed to avoid the flying debris from the exploded Spitfire. Unfortunately, however, the RAF pilot failed to be blown clear of his destroyed aircraft, leaving the section leader to fight on alone.

The end of the game involved yet more twisting and turning by both sides to get a decent shot. After some close shaves, the RAF section leader found himself in a sticky position and in a similar situation to that faced by his ex-wingman. Luck was with the RAF this time, however, as the Luftwaffe fudged the dice rolling and only managed an M* result on the damage table.

At this point, the RAF section leader decided to make a bolt for home and managed to break away to escape at low level across the Allied front line. The Luftwaffe had won the scenario in style, destroying one RAF fighter and chasing off the second for no loss. A re-match is definitely on the cards, however, as the sprog clearly needs to be taken down a peg or two!

Drat and Double Drat!


  1. Good looking fight, Jim, and the models are absolutely beautiful!


  2. Thanks Jack,

    Another game is on the cards for tomorrow, so I can get my own back!



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