Sunday, 25 March 2018

Give Us the Ships!

I've really enjoyed the air wargaming stuff that I've been working on this winter and think that I've made some really good progress, especially with the MiG Alley / Bag the MiG and the Target Locked On! Flashpoint: Taiwan projects, both of which are almost ready to go, give or take some bases now being constructed on the workbench. I'm working on the Bag the MiG bases today, hoping to get them built and undercoated by the end of the weekend.

The secret of my unspectacular success, dare I say it, has been a switch in scales to 1/600th, which has enabled me to paint up whole squadrons of aircraft in a fraction of the time taken for 1/285th. I also have cracked the hex or square, sky blue or ground textured basing conundrum, using the panel pin, mdf and mini-magnet approach, combined with self adhesive magnetic sheet for storage.

I'll be carrying on with air wargaming things in the side lines, especially for the Target Locked On! Flashpoint: Baltic project, but think it's now time for a bit of a break from tiddly aircraft. As a result, I'm going to focus on naval wargaming for the Spring - Summer, including the three projects that have been sitting around waiting to be tackled for a long while.

These include:

1. Modern Fast Attack (1/700th)

 Using Bulldogs Away! and Naval Command (when the supplement for this gets published) 

2. Danish and Prussian Ironclads c1864 (1/2400th)

Using Broadside and Ram with the Schleswig Holstein War campaign rules.

3. Anglo-Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts c1900 (1/2400th)

Using Rise of the Battleships and Broadside and Salvo / White Bear - Red Sun

4. Something Else (ooh shiny!)

Possibly another 1/3000th scale WW2 fleet (Italians? Soviets? British?) or ACW ironclads in 1/600th or Napoleonic fleets in 1/2400th, who knows?

Most of these projects are in a half way or almost there stage already and just need a push to be launched. I will also be making some naval wargaming terrain pieces to match my new Dark Sea cloth from Tiny Wargames and may even get another terrain cloth for more tropical regions, as they are really nice and a decent price too.

I'm already looking forward to this and may even get started on something over the Easter holidays, while I'm away in Brittany?

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