Sunday, 29 April 2018

What a Tanker!

I had a rubbish week at work but got paid quite a lot extra on Friday due to over time and holiday pay, so decided to cheer myself up and bought a copy of What a Tanker! from Toofatlardies. I wasn't sure about this new set of low key 'fun' skirmish tank combat rules, especially given the hefty price tag, but the reviews and gameplay I've read online have pushed me over the edge. The rules are also on sale at the moment, so the overall cost has come down a fraction...always a dangerous temptation!

The big selling point for me is that I, like many other players, have already got some tanks, mine being a trio of 1/50th scale Corgi diecast US Shermans that I repainted for Bolt Action. I also have plenty of diecast German, British and Russian tanks in 28mm just waiting to be re-painted and weathered, not to mention quite a few 1/48th scale metal, resin and plastic kits in the loft, if I wanted to set up a range of games or even a mini-campaign.

All that I really need to do is knock up some terrain to block line of sight on the table top and off we go!


  1. It's a very low-entry game, especially as most gamers who like WWII will have more than enough tanks to play it straight out of the box.

  2. We've been playing this a fair bit recently. If you want a game or three give me a shout. I've plenty of bocage and trees.

  3. That would be fun. Thanks Mark. I'm thinking of doing a couple of tanks for each of the main protagonists, with the Russians, Germans and British kitted out with T34/76, Panthers and Churchills respectively. I can then add a third 'special' tank or assault gun to each one to make up the mix.

  4. Cool. I can do desert with terrain and tanks for both sides or Normandy style terrain but only German tanks - PzIV's or a solitary tiger in 28mm. Although I've also played it in 6mm! Drop me an email if you have a moment.



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