Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Summer Scramble for Britain

The other thing I'm going to be working on over the holidays is the Wings at War Battle of Britain variant Scramble for Britain. This is a follow on from my Wings at War MiG Alley project, which I completed earlier in the year. I really enjoyed doing that, so it seems like a good idea to have a go at a similar sized project in the second half of the year. I had started a Wings at War Desert Spitfires Arab Israeli mini-project a couple of months ago but shelved it when I realised that I couldn't get hold of any 1/600th scale Egyptian decals.

I had a similar problem with Scramble for Britain but have now located a source of squadron codes and insignia from Miscellaneous Miniatures in the USA. These are cheap enough to avoid customs duty and being decals are light enough to be sent airmail for a very reasonable price. I can't stand the thought of my RAF aircraft without squadron codes, so I can now crack on and get started on a Battle of Britain project in 1/600th scale, which will complement what I've already got in 1/300th scale. I can also use the aircraft for Bag the Hun and, in particular, for the campaign supplement Finest Hour.

I'll get started over the next couple of weeks with the cleaning up and magnet basing of both the Luftwaffe and RAF aircraft. I'm planning to assemble enough of the main Tumbling Dice fighters and bombers to equip squadron sized units, which translates to about 12-16 fighters of each type and a slightly smaller number of dive bombers, light bombers and other types. There will also be some night fighters and night raiders, together with mine laying seaplanes and SAR aircraft, just to make things interesting. I just need some emery boards and superglue and I can get cracking!


  1. Are they the same mechanics as their jet aircraft rules? It took me a while to understand them,but once I did, they really made sense.

  2. Yes, pretty much the same with a few twists to the game set up and victory conditions. Should be good fun!

  3. In the absence of Doms Decals it's about the only place you can get 1/600 scale decals...I hope he does the decals for more squadrons and other aircraft.

  4. Me too, but this is a good start in Dom’s absence.



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