Monday, 17 June 2019

Battle of Britain Bag the Hun Scenarios

I've been doing some research for a potential Bag the Hun scenario, set in the Kanalkampf phase of the Battle of Britain, early July 1940. I have a basic selection of 1/285th aircraft for this, so I'm limited to six Hurricanes, eight Bf109's, four Bf110's and eight Do17's, which means that any historical scenario has to be constrained to these limits. In retrospect, it would be so much easier if I'd originally  started out in 1/600th scale, but that is something I may well do in the near future. I also wanted to feature No238 Squadron, which was based at Middle Wallop, which is only fifteen minutes from where I live and on my route home every day.

I have managed to narrow down the potential scenarios to three engagements, all fought in early to mid July 1940, right at the start of the Battle of Britain. These are all feasible with the models I have and also manageable in terms of preparation. In order to simplify things and keep it all to a sensible scale, I have decided not to have any bombing or anti-shipping attacks, but to focus on bomber interception and dogfighting instead. I've also narrowed the scope of the action to an element of the overall engagement to keep the numbers involved down to a practicable limit, given my relatively small number of models.

Scenario 1

12th July 1940 (pm)

This is an interception by a flight of six Hurricanes of No145 Squadron, in which they were vectored to intercept a Ju-88 reconnaissance aircraft of 3/KG 51 escorted by a number of Bf110's, south of St Catherine's Point on the Isle of Wight. I haven't looked into this one as far as the other scenarios but it is a fall back option, so I may well do some more research to establish if it is a runner. I do have a Ju88 and the Bf110's, so it is a feasible back-up option if the others don't work out.

Scenario 2

21st July 1940 (pm)

This one caught my eye, as it featured both No238 Squadron and No43 Squadron, the latter commanded by Squadron Leader 'Tubby' Badger, In the first half of the scenario, No43 Squadron would be split into two sections of three, with one attacking a formation of eight Do17's while the other tackles the escorting Bf109's of 7/JG 27. The bombers were 'stacked up' at high altitude like 'the Piccadilly Escalator' and were dive bombing a coastal convoy off Portland in 'waves of 8 to 10'.

The RAF tactical approach was chosen in order to disrupt the bombers, whilst trying to keep the fighters at bay, although both the Bf109's and Do17's reacted by forming defensive circles. I may well make this a key feature of the initial set up for the scenario, with a circle of bombers going round and round in the middle of the table. As well as shooting up the Do17 formation, No43 Squadron claimed two Bf109's shot down. There was also flak fire from the convoy to give the Luftwaffe something to worry about.

I still need to fill in the other half of the scenario for No238 Squadron but I have a copy of the ORB, so should be able to find out what happened from their perspective. I may just keep it down to No43 Squadron, however, and leave out No238 Squadron entirely. From an initial scan of the ORB, it looks like five Hurricanes in two sections, Red and Yellow, making up 'A' Flight were involved, but the timings are difficult to match up with No43 Squadron's reports, so I may have to dig a bit deeper to finalise the exact sequence of events.

One idea would be to have the bombers flying across the table from long edge to long edge, with No43 Squadron engaging the first wave, then the second being intercepted by No238 Squadron. There would therefore be two halves to the game, with the bombers being re-cycled and the RAF squadrons handing over half way through. The fighter escort would also be re-cycled unless I carry over damage from one half of the game to the other, so that the same Luftwaffe formation is attacked twice.

Scenario 3

21st July 1940 (late pm)

This is a much smaller scenario involving just Blue Section of No238 Squadron, intercepting a formation of  fifteen Bf110's of 14(Z)/LG1 and 2/EprGr210, which were lining up to divebomb another convoy off Portland. This would be a good 'bounce' scenario, with the Bf110's being swooped on by the three Hurricanes from higher altitude. It would make use of bogeys and I can also throw in some interesting character cards, including the RAF flight leader, Australian F/Lt Walch, who shot down one of the Bf110's, a second being claimed by the section with engine damaged and probably destroyed. I'd have to keep the number of Bf110's down to my limit of four but, otherwise, it would be ideal as a 'sprog' level introductory game.


  1. They look like an interesting set of scenarios, I may borrow them.
    BTW, do you have any of the Wingleader Battle of Britain Combat Archive series? ( They look like a good buy.

  2. No I haven't...thanks for the link! :O)



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