Saturday, 26 December 2009

Blitzkrieg Commander Revisited?

I still haven't decided what to get myself for Xmas, having ruled out the Brigade Neo-Soviets as they're too much of a new thing. I've got the Future War Commander rules and that's it for sci-fi, except for my 28mm Future War stuff, so I'd be going out on a limb if I went for the 6mm option (sorry Dave!).

I've also decided not to get anymore Foundry Darkest Africa figures as I have far too many already and they're pricey even with 20% off. Even Peter Pig has failed to tempt me as I have several unpainted armies lying around and can't justify any more, even though I really like Martin's figures and vehicles.

So, that leaves the 10mm option, which for me means something for BKC. I've got a French 1940 infantry battalion with armoured support already but it hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of years as I have a shortage of opponents. I also based it using a hybrid PBI / BKC system that everyone at the club thought was a good idea at the time but which, in retrospect, makes it a bit wierd looking.

So, I need a small force of something or other with greater useability and which I can base up using the conventional BKC system. I have some late war German paras from Minifigs in a plastic storage box somewhere, with sufficient figures and vehicles to do the list for the Italian Front from the BKC rulebook. On the other hand, I don't fancy the idea of a late war German battlegroup, prefering something more interesting and/or less 'teutonic'.

This got me thinking about some plans I had to build an army to represent the 5th Battalion of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry for NW Europe. I'd read about this regiment in several books about Normandy and it sounded like an interesting option, especially as it was raised from the part of East Cornwall where I grew up. I even posted a query about the ToE for a British Infantry Battalion on the BKC forum this time last year and got some very helpful replies.

I then forgot all about it.

Now, I could do this in 10/12mm using the nice new late war British figures from Wargames South and vehicles from Pithead and Minifigs. It's worth a thought anyway. It could lead onto another dead end, however, as I doubt I'd get them painted up very soon due to other pre-planned projects (more about these in a later post) and it could mushroom into something altogether too unwieldy.

Alternatively, I might take an easier option and buy an Italian army pack from Pendraken. I'd been planning to get one at Warfare this year, having thought about it at Salute and then at Colours, but Pendraken had sold out by the time I made up my mind to get one. The Italian vehicles are very nice and, favouring the underdog as I usually do, I quite like the idea of a Desert War Italian battlegroup.

The only problem is that I'd be back to square one as far as opponents go at the club.


Perhaps I should just stick to my 10mm stuff for Vietnam and Indochina?

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