Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Plans for the New Year

Unfortunately, we had a fairly unpleasant journey back yesterday so I didn't get to Benouville this time. It would probably have been shut anyway as everything closes on Monday in France. What's that all about?

Anyway, I did get the chance to have another think about my plans for the year so will be sketching them out tomorrow in the form of a top ten of things to do.

I've been thinking about changing my schedule to one of half terms rather than months as this fits better with the time I have available in between holidays, when I'm nearly always not at home. It would reduce the total number of projects per year to six but would give me 50% more time to complete them in. For small projects I could split the time in half and get two done in the six week time frame.

Worth a thought.

Oh, and I finally got my Xmas present in the form of some 1.300th scale Beauforts, Blenheims and Beaufighters from Leading Edge / Museum Miniatures @ 25% off (nice) plus an order for TD 1.600th Korean War B29's, Sabres, Thunderjets, Mustangs and Shooting Stars from Doms Decals, together with 100 tiddly magnets to base them with, once I work out how to do it.


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