Thursday, 14 November 2013

AK47 Presidential Guard [5]

I've had a re-think about the AK47 presidential guard and have decided to use it as the first unit in a new Superpower Backed army, rather than as an addition to the existing Mbote Dictatorship army. This is partly down to the fact that the camo scheme that I've used is very different to the bog standard green on the Mbote AFV's and, on reflection, is a little bit too much of a clash.
It's also due to a shortfall in little red triangle decals for the Mbote insignia and the existence of a whole load of pre-based, helmet wearing soviet style infantry in the surplus box, alongside several really nice Skytrex BTR60's. This will be enough for at least two more units, leaving me with only a couple of militia units to sort out.
I was planning another army or two anyway, so why not use what I've already got and put one together for minimal effort? I didn't fancy tackling my based up Colonial Settlers or my box of Religious Movement bits and bobs, so a Superpower Backed faction is a good alternative and will help shift some of the surplus lead in the pile.


  1. Those are two very nice looking tanks you have there sir. Well done indeed!