Friday, 1 November 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [30]

I know I put a full stop to the Bolt Action late war US project last week but, after reading through this book on the Kindle over the last couple of days, I realized that I really should have a FOO for the reinforced platoon so that I can bring down some artillery fire support. This seems to have been a standard attachment at company and even platoon level during the Battle of the Bulge, so I'm sure I can justify a FOO team for my force.

I have a couple of spare figures that I can base up, with both of them mounted on a single 40mm mdf circle, but I also decided to add a light spotter aircraft as a superfluous extra. I've found a Smer 1/48th scale Piper L4 Grasshopper kit on Ebay, which will do the job nicely even if aerial spotting doesn't actually feature in the rules. It'll look good and being a Smer kit, will stand up to a few wargaming knocks without bits falling off.

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