Thursday, 2 January 2014

Achtung Commando [1]

While I'm waiting for the Foundry British Commando figures to turn up, I thought I'd paint up a freebie figure that came with a set of Foundry paints many years ago. It's a nice little vignette of a commando attacking a German sentry, which will be fairly useless as a gaming piece but will be helpful as a basis for the palette that I'm going to use on the rest of the figures. The aim will be to paint it up by the end of the weekend, using a black undercoat and layers, follwed by a wash and detailing. 

I also found a single Artizan late war commando with a Vickers K gun, which I acquired at some point in the indeterminate past. This one will get a headswap with a spare figure from the packs, so that I can add some additional firepower to the raiding party. I was surprised to find that the Perry figure and the Artizan one matched up really well in terms of size and design, so I may have another look at the latter for command figures and specialists.

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  1. Looking forward to see how this vignette turns out!