Thursday, 30 January 2014

Knight of the Sky Game


Here are a few snaps of the WW1 dogfight multiplayer game that I set up on Tuesday at the club. It started off a bit slowly but picked up as the game progressed, with more than forty turns in total by the end of the show. I didn't do too badly, managing to stay in the air longer than the rest of my flight but, in the end, I spiralled out of control in a terminal nose dive.
I claimed one Sopwith Camel, which crashed after my exit, so I think I evened the score. The Pfalz DIII turned out to be pretty manoeuverable, very sturdy and even fireproof, having been set alight twice during the game. It will definately be flying again in the future, especially as it's the only late 1917 German plane in my otherwise extensive collection.


  1. Glad you got the chance to throw your new DIII around. The game looks awesome!

  2. Jim your Pfalz DIII is really nice, and in Oswald Boelke's signature colours.
    The smoke/flames trails work really well, and well done on extinguishing your plane's fires so quickly - twice !