Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ragnarok 60...including my bit!

It's been a while but Ragnarok 60, the journal of SFSFW the is now available from Wargames Vault, including an article I wrote for an Aeronef Scramble for Africa campaign. The whole journal looks very professional and has been presented in a clear and colourful  format, with plenty of colour photos for inspiration. Well done Steve! Anyway, it's free to download for a limited time and there are all sorts of good things to read inside, so grab a copy while it's hot off the press. I'll have to write something for Ragnarok 61 now.
Why not join the SFSFW while you're about it?


  1. You know you are doing something right Jim, when you get your article published in a wargaming mag.
    Great recognition and well deserved.