Saturday, 30 January 2016

Happy Birthday Action Man!

Happy Birthday Action Man....50 years old today no less!

It's got to be the best Xmas present I ever had, way back in 1976.

(although I never did get that Scorpion tank!).

I wonder how many wargamers out there used to have Action Man collections...

...and realistic hair?


  1. From the shows I've been to I'd say there are a lot of warmers who once had realistic hair :)

    1. Ha ha... that would include me. I've been tempted to paint it on like my first couple of Action Men had theirs.

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  3. Don't forget Eagle Eyes! I loved my Action Man. I never had a tank, but I did have the jeep and the Pursuit craft... which always confused me with it's not quite car/plane/boat thing.

  4. Mine had gripping hands (ooo...err)! I had an armoured car and a helicopter for mine. I think one of my action men used to talk until I took him swimming in the bath...

  5. I had the scout car (a Ferret?) and my brother had the Scorpion. Great toys.

  6. When I had my first action man, you could only get the original (U.S.) soldier, sailor and airman. Then all those wonderful Palitoy 'uniforms of the world' followed shortly after. Great times and happy memories!

  7. Sadly my realistic hair has long worn off and alas I swapped my Action Man for Star Wars toys somewhere around '78, still kicking myself!

  8. My mum gave all of mine away!!!

    I had a helicopter, a scout car, a motorcycle and sidecar, a heavy machine gun, a kayak and a boat.

    I even had a bunker that my dad made out of chipboard.