Sunday, 10 January 2016

Next week at the club...SAGA!

I thought I'd take up an offer of a game at the club next Tuesday, the first of the year, as a break from the tedium of work. We're going to play a 4 point game of Saga, with my Normans against Andy's Anglo Saxons, which is something I've wanted to try out for ages. The last few attempts to actually get a game going have all ended in disaster, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way of this belated opportunity to try out the rules. If I enjoy it, I'm thinking of building another warband at some point this year, although it will probably not be the chunky Foundry Vikings that I originally intended. I have some Gripping Beast Anglo Saxons that would make a very nice West Saxon or Mercian comitatus, so I think I'll go down that route instead.

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