Friday, 30 June 2017

15mm Sci Fi Armour Markings

Thinking ahead to the hover tanks and APC's, which I hope to get started on over the weekend, I realised that I'd need some suitable decals for the unit markings, tactical numbers and so on. I had a rummage in the decal box and found quite a lot of useable stuff but also took a look online for some sci-fi style markings. I didn't find much but did turn up this sheet of 15mm Vietnam era ANZAC Centurion tank decals, which I thought would look pretty good on the sci-fi armour, especially if I can use them to create a common unit identity alongside the individual tank slogans. I just hope they will fit?


  1. If in doubt, add a plasticcard panel on the hull where you want the number decal, so it fits and does not have to fold over lots of little detail bits? A bit like during Reforger excercises. Should look great, looking forward to seeing them painted up.