Friday, 23 June 2017

15mm Sci Fi Hardsuit Specialists

I've been trying to squeeze the last drops out of the GZG figure packs that I have been using for the 15mm sci-fi project. The obvious way to do this was to pair up some of the leftover figures to make specialist bases on two pence coins. So, I now have two AT missile tank hunter teams, a heavy sniper team made using a modified prone SAW gunner, and either a Recon or FAO team, depending on what's required for a particular mission.

I still have a couple of command figures that I'm debating what to do with but these will probably end up as crew bases for open topped vehicles. I have ordered a couple of GZG open topped hover APC's for this very purpose, being light transport for the various specialist teams so that they can keep pace with the rest of the platoon. I now only have the command squad to base and then I'm ready to start painting.

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