Sunday, 24 June 2018

Battlegroup Core Rules

I posted a query on TMP about options for fast play, simple Company level WW2 rules, just to test the waters for a future project in 15mm. I have now got two potential 15mm company level forces for this, both US late war, so at some point will want to be able to get them painted for just this sort of thing. At the moment, the two sets of rules at the top of the list are IABSM3 and Fivecore Company Command, but I'm always looking for other options so thought Battlegroup might be worth a try. The core rules weren't too expensive, compared to the cost of rules these days, so I have now got a set of the latest edition.

I had dismissed Battlegroup before as I thought it was only for individually based figures and was an IGOUGO system, which I'm not keen on. I much prefer card based or random turn mechanics, as they are more realistic and add an element of unpredictability, not to mention a more involving turn sequence. Anyway, it turns out that Battlegroup can be used with multiple bases and has a turn system akin to BKC, another of my bugbears but one I can live with, including Reaction Orders to avoid one player doing everything first. 

I'm still undecided about Battlegroup but it's another option to add to the mix, if and when I ever get round to this project one day. The rule book itself is very nicely presented and has lots of explanatory bits to male things clear. The core rules are also quite compact and seem relatively straightforward, which ticks the 'idiot proof' and 'fast play' boxes. I have read and watched a few online reviews too, most of which seem to suggest that the rules play well and are a good representation of the historical context. The game also appears to be scaleable, from platoon to company level, so I could also use my Chain of Command individually based 15mm figures as another option?

It's not going to bump IABSM off the top of the list yet but it is definitely an interesting set of rules.

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  1. I've played Company Commander a bit and quite like it. Sadly I've not played eithr of the two other games you mentioned so can't do a comparison for you.





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