Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Small Scale Splash Markers

In most naval rules you need splash markers to indicate fall of shot or damage from shellfire, with Naval Thunder being a good example, where you use splash markers to track ranging in and targeting. I've made some of these before for Victory at Sea but thought I'd make some more, as I won't have enough for scenarios with more than a handful of ships. I've used the same method again, gluing a woodscrew to a circular lasercut mdf base, then texturing with a mix of filler, PVA, acrylic paste and my new discovery, artist's textured gel, for that frothy plume effect. When this lot are fully dry, I'll spray undercoat them white and paint them using the shades that I've used for my ironclad bases, so that they can be used for all of my small scale naval projects.


  1. I use tacks which being short and stubby essentially come with their own base and fit 1/3000 scale better. I use wood filler as it sets rock hard but the technique is pretty much the same. I'll look into this textured gel stuff though. They look great Jim.

  2. I found it in the local art shop - on sale - which was a bonus. It's basically sand in a white gel medium, very runny but sets hard, so lots of potential for base texturing for example.

  3. Nice work, looking forwards to seeing them painted.
    I'm a big a fan of of artists acrylic gel for my sea bases.

  4. I use acrylic paste too. I get mine in French supermarkets in the art section, where it's really cheap. It's fantastic stuff and has loads of uses.

  5. I've made some using cotton bud ends dipped in watered-down PVA

    I also put a micro-dice frame on the base to match splashes with the firing ships; using multi-coloured dice showing different numbers will, hopefully, allow for a large number of firing ships - on both sides!

  6. Good idea Colin...should have thought of that!



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