Sunday, 29 December 2013

Achtung Commando!

I've just finished reading Allies at Dieppe, which I got for the Kindle a few months ago during one of those 99p special offers that frequently pop up. I'm not a big fan of special or elite forces stuff, being far more interested in the Poor Bloody Infantry perspective, but this book was a very well written and an easy read. I had a set of the iconic Airfix 1/72nd scale British commandos when I was a kid, so I'm now seriously contemplating a small mid-war force of cap comforter clad raiders in 28mm, either for Bolt Action or a similar skirmish level set of rules.
A bit of a google and it looks like the old Michael Perry sculpted Foundry range is the front runner, with some extra figures from Dixon Miniatures to bulk out the numbers. They're not the cheapest option and are a little on the small side of 28mm but the Perry commandos are the closest to the Airfix set that I have found, bar the less than great Westwind range, of which I used to have a small contingent. The other option would be to add expensive metal heads to the Warlord Games plastic commando box set but this is too time consuming and costly for me to bother with!
Any other suggestions?

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