Thursday, 5 December 2013

AK47 Winter Wobbler [8]

I was up in the loft this evening on the orders of the Ministry of the Interior, in search of annoying Xmas decorations (bah humbug).

As I was wasting time flicking through old copies of wargames magazines and boxes of long forgotten dusty rules, I remembered that I had some Revell 1/100 Mi24 Hind kits stashed in a corner somewhere. A quick rummage located the offending articles, together with a cheapo pre-painted Italeri diecast version that I had completely forgotten about.

I now have two options for the professional helicopter gunship unit in the Superpower Backed army, a rather hefty 'here's one I made earlier' version or two that are lighter but will require some effort to put together. I quite like the idea of a helicopter gunship and wingman combination but the single aircraft diecast option is probably more realistic, given the effort required and the points cost.

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