Friday, 6 December 2013

Knights of the Sky Xmas Game

Albatros DIII, Roland DII and early Roland CIII

We've set up a WW1 aerial dogfight at the club next week, as the final multiplayer game for the year, at least for me. This is a long standing favourite for those of us who've been around awhile and always pulls in a good crowd. The simple yet elegant rules were written by a member of the club who has moved away but still keeps in touch, so I hope he'll enjoy reading about the game on the club Yahoo group (despite the awful state recent 'improvements' have inflicted on the Yahoo group platform).

'Harry Tate', Sopwith Tripes, Spad VII and Nieuport XVII

Anyway, the game will be a Spring 1917 affair, involving a few of my dusty collection of 1/72nd scale model aircraft. These have been stashed away for far too long, so it's really good to dig them out, blow off the cobwebs and send them off to death or glory. I'd love to build a new model for the game, either a Sopwith Pup or an Abatros CIII from the kit pile, but I just don't have the time. Instead, I'll be flying my nimble Nieuport 17 'pour la patrie' or my streamlined yet hefty Roland DII 'mit Gott fur Konig und Vaterland'.

(apologies for the absence of teutonic umlauts)

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  1. a few close ups of the planes would be cool?