Saturday, 27 December 2014

Les Chasseurs Allemands Tome 2

My wife bought this for me today as an extra if belated Xmas present. It's packed full of colour profiles and camouflage plan views of a wide range of Luftwaffe Fighters including the Fw190, Bf 110, Me210/410, Me262, Komet and He162 Salamander. The artwork is really stunning and indispensable when painting up accurate aircraft camouflage patterns.

A lot of these profiles have been culled from previously published magazine articles but here they've been assembled together into a comprehensive overview, complete with accompanying text to add the historical detail. There's also a first volume in the series covering just the Bf 109 and its variants, so I'll have to track it down for the reference library.

I was particularly pleased to see profiles for Fw190A3's and A4' s of JG in 1941-42, which are very useful for the Bag the Hun Whirlwind scenarios that I've been researching over the year. There's a 25% off sale on in January on the Leading Edge range from Museum Miniatures, so I really should get on with this scenario project at some point in 2015!

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