Thursday, 11 December 2014

US Marine v Japanese Infantryman

The Chain of Command project has hit the buffers of late but, in the meantime and when I can grab a bit of a lie in (?), I've been doing some more reading around the subject. This is the latest digital addition to the bookshelf and it's really not bad at all, which is a recurring feature of the series in my experience, despite initial misgivings about the slightly cheesy 'man to man' concept. This one is particularly good and features some excellent annotated artwork alongside a detailed and well-researched text. The colour plates will definately be useful as a guide to shades and washes, when I get round to painting the Japanese platoon in the new year.


  1. Really like the Combat series and pick the kindle versions when they go cheap.

    Regarding the Japs, came across this today, may be of interest:

  2. Thanks Steve!

    If I can work out a fast way to do them, I'll be saving a lot of time.