Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lion Rampant War of the Roses [2]

I sketched out a couple of possible retinues for Lion Rampant over the holidays, having done a bit of background reading on the Wars of the Roses. The first is designed as the retinue of a minor member of the rural nobility, with an emphasis on less well armed and armoured retainers backed up by a small contingent of hired mercenaries.

One unit of mounted sergeants* (6 figures) @ 4 points
One unit of  expert foot sergeants (12 figures) @ 6 points
Two units of expert archers (12 figures) @ 2x6 = 12 points
One unit of bidowers with handguns (6 figures) @ 2 points

The unit of mounted sergeants represents the leader and his immediate men at arms, kitted out in less than full harness for everyday patrols, raiding and skirmishes. The foot sergeants and archers, both upgraded to experts as bill men and longbowmen, are the landowners tenants, with the hired handguns or crossbows as professional back up.

I'm pretty sure that I have all the 15mm Peter Pig figures required for this retinue but will have to check when I get home.

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  1. Interesting and very handy as I'm also about to start putting together WotR retinues for Lion Rampant, thanks to some xmas pressies.