Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Dragon Rampant Ramblings

Something else that grabbed my attention over on the Lion Rampant forum was a discussion about the fantasy variant of Lion Rampant, which I have yet to play in its original format but which I'm keen to try out, once I've got my act together with my 15mm WOTR retinue. This is on the 'to do' list later in the summer.

The fantasy option is featured as a couple of army lists in the rulebook, one for the forces of evil and one for the forces of good, in a nod to classic '80's style gaming. However, the next issue of WSS is going to feature a full article by Dan Mersey giving more ideas to convert the rules over to a fantasy setting.

I have a pretty good HOTT skeleton army that could be re-based for this and plenty of spare 15mm dwarves, elves and undead in the lead pile, so it looks like a good way to make use of them, especially as I really like the original rules. I'm looking forward to the Dragon Rampant article to see what the potential fantasy units look like?


  1. I did a double take on your front image. Thought it was a group of skeletons in formation at first, Ah but it really was. Great job Lord Jim!

  2. Looks interesting...
    Must persuade someone to give me a game of the 'history' version first...!