Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Not at Salute 15mm Sci Fi Splurge

As I missed Salute last weekend, I thought I'd make uo for it by taking advantage of the free post offer at The Ion Age which is due to run out on Friday. The postage is normally a hefty five quid, so this seemed like a good time to add some more space opera style 15mm sci-fi nick-nacks to the resin pile, destined for my Imperial Commander revival project. This is slated for some point in the future, possibly even this year if I get my act together.

The Ion Age habitation base modular terrain is really neat and I already have enough bunkers, domes, corridor connections and landing pads to build a pretty impresssive Imperial outpost. However, I wasn't keen on the missile pods that come with the bundled set, so have ordered a selection of weapons mounts to add some variety. I'm sure these can easily be classifed in Laserburn terms as sun guns, heavy support bolters and laser cannons, as they look very similar in style to the original illustrations in the rulebooks. 

I've also ordered a 'Skylark' gunship lander type thing that I've had my eye on since it was released last year. It is very similar in design to the old Laserburn law officer air raft, although a bit bigger and more heavily armed and armoured. As a result, it will be used for my Red Redemptionists as an assault vehicle, alongside the air rafts that they already have. I'll probably leave off the weapon turret and add some crew figures to make it look the part.

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