Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Fistful of Lead [22]

I've had the dreaded lurgy the last couple of days so haven't been up to much to say the least. However, I'm over it now and to celebrate my new found sense of well-being, I've splashed out big time on a brick built bank kit from Sarissa Precision. This will form the starting point for the final phase of my Old West mdf marathon, along with a handful of buildings from the ever useful Products for Wargamers range and some extra bits of scenery including some old Citadel plastic modular hills, some fencing, a wind postmill and a proper track bed for my railroad. The deadline for this lot is half term in three weeks time, so I'll have to get cracking!


  1. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lift the spirits.

  2. Nice looking building. Should provide a bit of variation. Get cracking then!

  3. It is very nice..and very big!