Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Warfare 2015 Club Participation Game

The club has managed to get a space at Warfare this year for a participation game, although it's very much at the last minute! This means we've have only got a few weeks to put it all together including the figures, terrain, rules and scenarios, together with the playtesting. 

We had several good ideas but due to the time factor we've decided to go for Fistful of Lead Reloaded, as we have the rules, figures and terrain all ready to go. I'm very grateful to Jaye for letting us showcase the rules and for the opportunity to use them as the basis of this year's club show game. 

I'll be providing all of the scenery, apart from the baseboard which we already have in the club terrain collection, so all that mdf won't be going to waste. I'll post more updates as we work towards the show itself, which is in a month's time, so the clock is definately ticking!

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  1. Sounds cool. I will have to come and have a peek at the game