Monday, 19 October 2015

A Fistful of Lead [30]

The work life balance ratio is well and truly scuppered again, so I'll have little time during the rest of the week to spend at the workbench inhaling mdf fumes. However, I have had a good sniff at some nice new kits from Products for Wargamers that I ordered a couple of weeks ago and which arrived today. I really like this range and will be definitely be adding some more at Warfare this year, assuming I can get away from the club participation game to do some shopping.
These are all small store buildings of various descriptions that I'll use to bulk out the street frontage and they will all be painted in the same neutral shade of weathered Halfords Ford Tuscan Beige, so that they look like unpainted wood. I tried this scheme out on the last kit that I built and I think it looks very effective, especially with a grey framework and window frames. The idea is to tone things down a bit and avoid too many colourful buildings.
They're actually very similar in size to the Sarissa Precision small buildings but I think they're better, despite not having fully detailed interiors, as you can order them in various formats and they come packaged with a variety of excellent laser cut shop signs. I also have a very nice kit of a building under construction, which I'm really looking forward to assembling as it looks very effective and shouldn't be hard to glue together.

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