Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bolt Action Volksgrenadiers [5]

A couple of years ago I started to gather together some assorted Artizan Designs figures for a Bolt Action Volksgrenadier platoon to use against my late war US infantry. These ended up being stashed away in a box and I moved onto other things. I'm now thinking of making this a small painting project for 2016, especially as I have my nice new snow terrain cloth to use as a backdrop. I have other things to get done before the end of this year but the Volksgrenadiers may well be started in January, with three eight man squads plus a command group as the core of the force, alongside a sustained fire MG42, a mortar and a PaK40. This will make a handy skirmish level unit that can stand alone and be added to with some armour and transport later on.

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