Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Warfare Playtest

We had a very last minute playtest of the Fistful of Lead Reloaded game at the club yesterday.
This was a bit fraught to start with when we realised that the terrain boards we had planned to use just wouldn't work, for various technical and logistical reasons. A very quick re-think resulted in the decision to use a terrain cloth, which we then realised we hadn't actually got in the club scenery collection. As a result,  I've had to quickly prepare and paint up some mdf boards instead, which are a bit basic but will do the job and will at least match the rest of the scenery. The playtest just used what we could grab from the club scenery box.
The playtest itself went well and involved a run through of the first of the three linked scenarios. It ended up a bit too long but only because of some terrible dice rolling and a few stops along the way to think about the rules. We are now ready, give or take some final little extra bits, so will be heading off on Saturday morning bright and early to set up everything before the hordes arrive at 10am. I think the scenarios will work really well and I hope the terrain will draw people in to ask some questions, take a few photos and maybe even play a game or two?


  1. Well, all the terrain posts so far are making your game my first stop of the morning... so it has worked so far ;)

  2. Excellent mini's and it looks like you all had a great time.

  3. The board extension bit didn't fit..!

    No problem as it's now sorted out.


  4. Good. I was worried the rules hit a snag.