Monday, 16 November 2015

Cigar Box Tundra Mat

I spotted this in the Northstar bargain basement just now, so snapped one up for fifty quid, which is a decent discount from the full price. I have a gaming chum who has several of the Cigar Box mats and they are really good, so this one is a great addition to my assorted pile of bed sheets, shower curtains and end of roll leftovers. I plan to use it for a variety of projects including my 28mm Bolt Action Late War Winter US infantry platoon, 28mm Commando Raiders and 15mm Lion Rampant War of the Roses, for example, so I'm sure it will be good value for money. It also adds a whole range of possible options for future snow terrain based projects in a variety of scales from 10mm, through 15mm and 28mm, so very useful all round!


  1. Damn, I need one of those!


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