Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Bolt Action Winter War

I've been pondering ways in which to make use of my new Cigar Box Battle tundra terrain cloth of late and have drawn up some ideas which may well end up on my Xmas list this year. I already have some 28mm British commandos that I can paint up for raiding in Norway and some late war Germans in greatcoats and smocks that I'm planning to use as opposition for my US reinforced Battle of the Bulge infantry platoon, but this still leaves some room for a other things.
As I'm planning to scale back my half completed Chain of Command Japanese project to a more manageable Bolt Action size, I could add another platoon sized project for next year for Bolt Action. The obvious choice would be Soviets or Finnish* troops for the Winter War, so that is something I'll be investigating in the run up to Xmas. There's a handy army builder deal from Warlord which would give me a good basic force for the Finns but the Soviets need some more thought, although I do really like the Crusader range in greatcoats and furry hats.
(* we actually have a Finnish exchange student staying with us now...so it must be a good idea!)

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