Saturday, 26 December 2015

X Wing 'The Force Awakens' TIE Tactics

I've been playing the latest incarnation of X Wing over the holidays and it's just as much fun as the original game, even with the loss of one of my TIE/FO fighters which my daughter managed to drop on the floor and then tread on. The TIE fighters are pretty vulnerable, with only one shield token and two dice for firing, so you really have to make the most of any pilot skill, the weapons guidance upgrade and superior manouverability. This is a lot like the original game, so no surprises there but you do have a couple of new tactics to play around with in the latest rules.

The barrel roll action and the Segnor's Loop really help to keep your TIE fighter from being blown to pieces, before it can cause enough damage on the T70 X Wing to even things up. The T70 X Wing isn't as handy as the TIE but has more upgrade options and packs a bigger punch, especially when loaded out with Proton Torpedoes, even though these are a one shot deal. You really need both TIE fighters to make things even up, although I have managed to win once in a head to head game by getting in really close and staying out of the rebel firing arc.

Good fun!


  1. I am getting the impression from many sources (well... two at least) that this '2nd edition' is an essential update on the original game? Tell me it aint so...!

  2. Good point. The damage cards replace the old deck and the rules manual covers the whole X Wing system, so I guess the answer is Yes.