Friday, 4 December 2015

Iron Cross

This looks interesting. It seems as though it's aimed at a platoon level games despite the official blurb, with lots of tanks and support units and relatively few infantry, judging from the composition of the army deals that are listed on the Great Escape Games website. I like the sound of 32 pages of rules, of which the core mechanisms only take up 10 pages, with a definite fast play impression from the synopsis on the website:

Iron Cross is compact, easy to learn and has tons of decision making, tension and tactical nuances. What it does better than anything on this scale is give you a game that feels like WWII and looks like WWII. It’s a game that gamers can quickly pick up, without the extra padding in other WWII games to enable the player to concentrate on close quarters engagements between opposing forces of tanks and infantry.
Iron Cross is elegantly simple. Iron Cross uses a dynamic activation system which means players are always involved and constantly faced with tactical decisions. Playable in any scale, forces represent formations from company to battalion size. This book contains the rules for Iron Cross, scenarios and orders of battle for German, US, British and Soviet forces from 1944-45 in the European theatre of operations.
The inevitable tokens and chits look pretty flash too, although I'm not a big fan when it comes to littering the terrain with loads of nick nacks. I may well add this to the Xmas stocking, although I have plenty of other rules that I can play around with for 28mm. If it's anything like the other Great Escape Game skirmishy rules, it will be probably be £25 well spent and will give my late war US infantry something else to do in 2016.


  1. Interesting... the lists look a little bigger than the 'other' game. Perhaps it's a little more historical than the 'other' game...? Might wait for a proper review before taking the plunge...!

  2. I'll let you know...when I have got hold of a copy and had a good flick through.

  3. I've played a few games and I think they are excellent. You have to think what you're doing and you can fight to a conclusion without there being a total bloodbath. these are my go to rules for WW2.