Friday, 10 February 2017

Bagging the B17

It's been a toss up between the B-26 Marauders and the B-17 Flying Fortresses but I've decided that the focus of my next Bag the Hun 2 game will be a mass attack by late war Luftwaffe fighters on a combat box of B-17G's. The Scotia Collectair B-26 is a nice model but I only have five of them, the sixth having been badly miscast, which I didn't spot until I took a close up look at the wing leading edge. The B-17's are, however, a bit more robust and should clean up nicely, once I've removed all the lumps and bumps. It's a bit of a shame not to use the Marauders, as I've found what could be a really good historical scenario based around a mission to bomb the rail bridge at Mayen on 23rd December 1944. I guess I'll just have to save that one for another time, having just put in an order for some replacement Marauders to make up the numbers.

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