Saturday, 4 February 2017

East Coast Convoy Tanker

I've been running about all over the place today so only had time to assemble a Skytrex / Heroics and Ros 3000 ton coastal tanker for the Schnell Rules for Schnellboote project. This monster dwarfs the rest of the merchant shipping that I've collected together and I had to glue two laser cut mdf bases back to back to put it on, neatly making the joint at the half way turning point. I also replaced the stern mounted deck gun with one from the Tumbling Dice range. This looks a bit less miniscule and a little more like a proper DEMS 4'' gun, so much more scary for any 'have a go' torpedo boat commander. At some point soon, I'm hoping to start painting this lot up but who knows when that will be?


  1. That is a bit of a beast. A friend and I collected 1/1200 scale WW2 coastal stuff for a set of rules we worked up, and it's surprising how big some of even the smaller ocean-going vessel models are compared to the coasters. It made working out to-hit chances a bit of a challenge. A 4" would have a hard time hitting something as small and fast as an S-boat, but when it hits it totally ruins their day.

  2. yes, more of a deterrent effect than actually any use I would have thought. Make a pretty big splash either way! I was thinking about 1/1200 scale for coastal warfare, as it works out cheaper, but had already gone down the 1/600th route ages ago. The Hallmark range is very tempting though?