Saturday, 11 February 2017

Combat Machines B-17G Flying Fortress

A fortuitous find in WH Smiths today in the form of a reference guide to the B-17G, with loads of operational information, photographs and colour profiles. Although I already have plenty of references for this sort of thing in the library, not to mention online, it's a very welcome addition and will prove very useful when I work out the group and squadron markings for my 1/300th scale Scotia Collectair models. The plan is to paint them up in late war overall aluminium in order to speed up the finish but I may well have a couple with some residual olive drab to add a bit of variety. It would be nice to have a splash of colour too!

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  1. I've traipsed around Edinburgh today looking in every W H Smith store for this magazine and everyone of them denied all knowledge of ever seeing or having it in their stores, so lucky you!! I eventually found it available on line.