Monday, 3 July 2017

15mm Copplestone / EM4 Light Mech

I was looking for something in the storage boxes this evening, when I came across a box of 28mm ex-Grenadier Future Wars figures, which you can now get from EM4, Moonraker Miniatures and Copplestone Castings. Amongst the troopers, post-apocalyse road warriors and so on, I found several of the large Power Armour figures complete with separate weapons arms.

I then realised that they would make really cool light mechs alongside 15mm figures, so grabbed one, stuck the arms on with blu-tack and took a comparative photo. I'm sure I'm not the first to think that these 28mm power armour troopers scale out very well with 15mm GZG figures, with the torso and head very much the right size to accommodate a crewman or pilot.

I may glue two or three together and paint them up, either for the current Massive Atomic corporate army or for another less tank equipped force. They are good value for money too, with single figures priced at three quid over at EM4 / Moonraker, with a pack of two available from Copplestone Castings for a less attractive eight pounds and fifty pence.

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