Saturday, 29 July 2017

Battle of Britain Bookshelf

I'm reading The Battle of Britain: An epic conflict revisited over the holidays. It's had very good reviews and is currently only about four quid on the Kindle, so it's well worth grabbing a copy. I'm also going to be playing a series of Battle of Britain themed games over on my other blog, so should have plenty of inspiration. I really should run a Bag the Hun Finest Hour campaign too, which I have always wanted to do but somehow never managed to get around to. Perhaps I should stick to Wings At War: Scramble for Britain instead, as 1/600th scale is much cheaper and far quicker to paint than 1/285th!


  1. Have you read the trilogy by T.E.Neil ?
    1- Gun Button to Fire
    2- Onward to Malta
    3- The Silver Spitfire

    Or Coastal Dawn by Andrew Bird ?

    They have different writing styles, Coastal Dawn especially shows how outclassed some of the the early aircraft were against modern fighters..


  2. I've read the first three but not Coastal Dawn. I'll have to track it down. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Another book to try is Torpedo Leader by Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs recording his experiences with Beauforts in the Med