Sunday, 9 July 2017

Starbase 962

I was just saying the other day that there's a bit of a shortage of laser cut mdf sci-fi buildings in 15mm, when Warbases go and start a whole new range called Starbase 962. This is designed around a modular style of building and some associated industrial and military structures, so pretty versatile and very useful. In the past, I've always used resin buildings and will no doubt go down that route in the future but, for speed of production and painting as well as cost and weight to a lesser degree, I'm going to try out the laser cut mdf option. I've ordered a few of the modular buildings and a landing pad (another one!) to see what they're like and how quickly I can put them together, with a 10% discount as an added incentive.


  1. I was reading about these the other day, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how you find them. They look like they will do for my 15mm Judge Dredd project as well. For the price it would be possible to get enough for a 2 foot square board without too much problem. Something for my next order!

  2. They would be perfect for Judge Dredd. Are you using the old TTG figures?