Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bag the Hun Card Deck

I've been thinking about the cards that I'll need for the club game next week and have decided to use some old ones that I already have, adding the extra cards for the game using the same style and format. These cards are generic ones, with RAF, VVS and Luftwaffe sections identified by colour not unit, so are easy to adapt to any scenario involving either side.

They are also of a consistent size and quite sturdy, with the central paper print out stuck down to standard size white calling cards that I buy on holiday in France in packs of 100. These are cheap and also take a lot of punishment, unlike the plastic sleeved cards I've produced for specific historical scenarios.

I reckon I have about a dozen or so to add to the basic pack, primarily to cater for the USAAF and additional pairs for the RAF and Luftwaffe, not to mention several spare Junior Ace cards just in case there's more than one rolled up by the players in the pre-game bit. It shouldn't take me too long with my scissors, glue and card to get them sorted.

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